Greetings, intrepid explorer...

Welcome to my professional website, where I typically post travel dates, session information, and a host of photos designed to inspire you to the fervors  that I so deeply enjoy contending with in private. Alas, I am presently on sabbatical from my craft as a Dominatrix, so that I can turn my full attention to the issue of procuring human rights for erotic providers of all ilks, and their respective communities. If activism turns you on, you can learn more about my sex worker rights advocacy a For those of you wishing to correspond with me in a candid manner, you are invited to follow my adventures and meandering musings via Twitter

I hope to someday return to my craft as a full-time Dominatrix, but until my duties with SWOP-USA are seen through to their term, I will be unavailable for sessions with new aspirants. I may make exceptions for particularly polite, playful, and lovely candidates who feel they have the means and desire to enjoy the thrill of my full attention at a premium tribute. Even for those who would like to sponsor my activism in such a fashion, I am extremely selective about who I meet with, so if you wish to make an inquiry, I suggest approaching with the finest qualities of your eloquence, imagination, and manners. I am in Boston and Seattle with some frequency, and do enjoy traveling for a bit of excitement now and then. Perhaps someday, our paths with good time.


Boldy yours,
Ms. Savannah Sly