Greetings, intrepid explorer...

I'm so pleased that you've made your way to my corner of the web. Alas, I'm afraid you've traipsed upon my site at an inopportune time...I am not currently making appointments with new people. I have a new endeavor that is absorbing most all of my time, and until that shifts or comes to an end, my playtime will be quite limited. 

I know, I must be devastated to know you've missed the opportunity to submit to my whims. Never fear, I shall certainly return someday, and when I do, you had all better hold onto your hats (or tits, or leashes, or stilettos...whatever your fancied accessory). Until that time comes, I wish you the very best in your erotic endeavors. I've included some links below to help you get your Savannah fix, and to inspire you to do my bidding, even from a distance. Thoughtful I am, no?

~ Ms. Savannah Sly


Admire from Afar:

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