Greetings, intrepid explorer...

Good news from Seattle, where your one and only Ms. Savannah Sly is back from hiatus! I took a little break for a few years, largely to pursue personal interests, but am now returning to my practice as a wildly kinky, supremely lovely, and joyous professional Dominatrix. Yes, you may rejoice!

If we have not met, I suggest that you review my website thoroughly before contacting me. My time is limited, and I'm only interested in connecting with serious aspirants who will jump through all of my little flaming hoops to spend time with me. Oh, and how I do enjoy watching you jump for me! 

Care to admire from afar? I am active on Twitter, you may follow me here.

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Oh, it's good to be back! I'm looking forward to our paths crossing, ideally under salacious circumstances....

~ Ms. Savannah Sly