Greetings, intrepid explorer...

After a bit of time away, I am pleased to announce that I am making myself once again available for sessions. I am still extremely busy with the non-profit work that has been consuming my focus, but feel a deep need to make a little mischief. Yes, you may now jump with joy ; )


Seattle - June 1-8

NYC - June 12-15
 Evening availability only

Boston - June 19-21
Extremely limited availability, sadly....but fear not, I'll be back in July or August

July 10-15 - New Orleans
Extremely limited availability

November - Texas Tour!
Exact dates TBA

Above is my summer and fall travel schedule. Please note that my time when traveling is generally extremely limited.
New session aspirants are required to submit a session inquiry form, and if accepted for a session, to submit a one-time deposit.
My time is more valuable than ever, these days, and I am seeking to connect only with people who share kinks, interests, and passions with me. I will be updating my Offerings page to reflect this new focus. If I am unable to see you for a session, please understand this is likely due to my lack of availability, rather than a lack of character on your behalf. That said...put your very best foot forward....

I would like to thank the lovely, kinky, exceptionally sweet patrons in my life who have patiently awaited for playtime to resume. I've met some truly remarkable people in my 12+ years as a Dominatrix, and I look forward to continuing down this path in life with mindfulness and joy, rocking worlds and blowing minds as I go. 

Boldy yours,
Ms. Savannah Sly