You poor thing...I'm no longer seeing new guests...

If you are visiting this webpage, it is likely that you are seeking to connect with an experienced Dominatrix to explore the depths of your erotic imagintion. I am flattered you have come to me for this, but I am afraid that I am no longer accepting new patrons to my art of BDSM. 

I am enjoyed a 10+ year career as a practitioner of the erotic arts, and I have decided to see only my few and favorite patrons so that I can dedicate more time to advocating for the rights of sex workers in America. The sex workers rights mvement is something I am passionate about, and I look forward to serving as an advocate for marginalized and stigmatized sex worker communities. 

I will populate my website, when I have time, with other resources you may wish to pursue if you are serious about exploring your eros with a skilled and compassionate practitioner. 

Ms. Savannah Sly