BDSM & Beyond
I have been a professional fetish provider and Dominatrix for 12+ years. I am highly creative, sensual, joyous, and perfectly capable of owning your ass. Each session I craft is custom tailored to the desires and interests of those I choose to engage with. I strive to offer experiences that a positive, powerful, and hot as hell. 


Don' Be Afraid...
I describe myself as a Dominatrix, but also as a Fantasy Facilitator. I derive great pleasure from creating safe, non-judgemental, ridiculously sexy opportunities for consenting adults to explore the depth of their eros within. The people who approach me for sessions are typically seeking a high quality, authentic, and creative experience, which I serve up with finesse. I regard my patrons with respect, even when I am pushing them to their limits, stripping them of their power, or treating them like the filthy little bitches they so desperately wish to be. 

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My Offerings

Live Sessions
$200-$500 per hour
Nothing beats the real thing...
I am an accomplished, highly skilled Domina who possesses a passion for nuanced kinky encounters ranging from playful to extreme. A few of my favorite pastimes include:


Role Play - For those who feel that role play is silly or stilted, I'm here to teach you otherwise. For me, role play is about exploring parts of ourselves that get little airtime in everyday often do you get to experience vulnerability, objectification, ravishment, or fear in a safe container, with an understanding partner who helps make these feelings possible? How often do you get to shed your everyday self, and step into a skin or role that looks quite different, or perhaps completely opposite, from how people usually see you? By taking on archetypes that compliment each other, we can build a beautiful framework to justify our psychical play, which can deepen the psychological experiences we explore together. Some of my favorite role play pairs include Boss/subordinate, Goddess/devotee, Assailtent/victim, Mistress/servant, Princess/toy, Owner/puppy, and more. Please note, not all role plays require power dynamics to be fun, so if you simply have a fetish that you would like to experience in a new context, we can create a wonderful and unqiue scene for that exploration. Have an idea for a hot role play? By all means, share ; )

Sensation Play - Allow me to introduce you to your nerve endings, and all of the information they can share with you. From sweet to sadistic, I delight in ramping up your endorphins with the tactile power of my hands, my nails, my well as an array of implements that I deftly wield with authority and skill, such as floggers, paddles, things that go buzzzzz, and my beloved single tail whip. Expect a few unexpected cubes, electrical gadgets, silk, wax...the list goes on...there's so much to explore through this body we inhabit, let's push the edges and dive deep. Oh, and if this sounds too scary or painful for you, never fear...sensation play can be as lovely and fuzzy-wuzzy as it can be extreme. I might be a sadist, but I am also a reveler of pleasure, and seek to help you expand your sensory awareness through breath and tactile expereinces that are crafted for YOUR benefit and delight. Ha, unless of course you're more inetrested in my pleasure, in which case you are welcome to submit yourself to my whims...

Creative Bondage - I love a good challenge, and devising inventive ways to restrain my playmates is a favorite pastime. I can make do with very little, when it comes to bondage. First and foremost, I enjoy using my 5'11" frame to pin you down, and manipulate you. I'm strong, and I'm not afraid to demonstrate my understanding of body mechanics and leverage. Beyond that, I could have you quickly subdued with a bathrobe sash, a belt, or perhaps even your own necktie. I'm educated and well versed in the safe and effective use of rope (nylon and hemp), and leather restraints. If we have a proper hardpoint at our disposal, I could tie you up and dangle you from the ceiling like an ornament, or a fruit ripe for plucking. If predicaments are your game, you're in luck...let's have fun ; )

Training - Admit it, you need a powerful, assertive woman to mold you, to demand the very best of you. I can see beyond your everyday persona, right through you to your kinky core, and I know what you need to call forth your inner submissive nature. Can't do it for yourself? Do it for ME. I have a strong background in personal fitness training, yoga, and a variety of other wellness modalities that I love to bring into our kinky play, to fan your inner fire and make you glow with resillient dedicated, for ME. There are very motivating factors for self improvemant than an intoxicating self women with a no-nonesense attitude. In terms of how I adjust you to my liking the possabilities are numerous: Whether you wish to be a delicate maid, a humble servant, an obedient pup, or a saucy slut, I shall ensure that you have a watchful eye and plenty of exciting lessons to aid you into becoming all that you can be for me. Yes, there will be tests, complete with punishments...and rewards.

Worship - My 5'11" statuesque body is the stuff dreams are made of. I am highly selective as to who I allow the privilege of touching me or experiencing the wonders of my vessel up close, and I vet such aspirants with diligence. To experience my alabaster skin is to worship at the alter of the Goddess. Please note that contact is completely at my discretion, given or withdrawn at my unquestioned will. My lovely feet are sensitive (nearly orgasmic), and foot fetishists are in particularly good company with me. My long aurburn hair requires care in combing, and my long atheltic legs have their own set of pampering and maintenance proceedures that I will train only the finest submissive in attending to. 

These are but a few of my favorite things. If you do not see your particular interest listed here, you may inquire. 

Please note, I do not respond to session inquiries that request graphic or sexual activities of me. Please consider the laws of the state in which we are considering meeting in, before reaching out to me. May we all play safetly, and with awareness. When contacting me, you will do well to mind your manners. Leave the dirty talk and play for our session time. 

We will begin our journey with you submitting a session inquiry form to me, telling me about yourself and your interests. If I decide we are a good match for a bit of fun, I will give you a quote, and we will set aside a one-time deposit to secure your first session. 


Guidance & Listening
$150 per hour via phone, webcam, or in person

Our sexualities are nuanced and complex aspects of us that can be hard to navigate and grow with. As a career Dominatrix and fantasy provider, I can help offer insight as to what makes you tick, and why. I myself am kinky and polyamorous, and am equipped to share perspectives on open relationships, finding and communicating with play partners, and other related matters of the heart and loins. 


Social Time
$150 per hour via phone, webcam, or in person
I am a wonderful conversationalist, and greatly enjoy getting to know people. Let's get together for coffee or dinner and delight in each others company. We may discuss politics, art, the state of the world, eroticism, sexuality, relationships or any other number of things. 


I may travel to meet you if you make such a request in your inquiry form. Please note that I shall require compensation for my accommodations and travel. Travel requests will be considered on a case by case basis.


What I Do NOT Offer

  • Illegal services of any kind
  • Engaging in activiites that I feel are psychologically or physically harming to you or myself
  • Activities involving non-consenting individuals (overtly public play, unaware partners)
  • Activities involving minors, animals, insects, corpses, or any other obviously off-limits entities